We know it’s probably not the most exciting thing for you, but we are excited on this end. Our new website (you are looking at it) is in beta right now. But we don’t think much will change when it finally goes into 1.0 mode.

Some things that we have done to make it easier for you are the following:

Layout, design and usability:

  1. All important content is one link away from the homepage. This means you don’t have to click through a bunch of intermediate links to find what you need.
  2. We have “surfaced” our social media. We just made up this word-use, but what it means to us is that our social media is now front and center on the homepage. This will keep our site fresh, since our social media is updated several times per week.
  3. We rewrote the site so that the difference between a service and a project is more apparent.
  4. We are experimenting with text-to-speech. Every page/post will eventually have a button that will read the page to you.

We did everything in-house, and we are happy to help other non-profits who are located here in the Bay Area.