(From D3 Supervisor Aaron Peskin)

Early pain is yielding early gains. San Francisco policymakers confronted COVID-19 head on, and we’re finally reaping the signs of success. While our federal government denied the science, we acted on it. While the President and his administration obscured facts, we pushed for more transparency.

We’re not entirely in the clear, but San Francisco has become the first county in California to reach the least restrictive tier (“yellow”) in the state’s recovery blueprint. While some were predicting that our dense urban environment would lead to high rates of transmission, instead we came together and worked for our collective safety. As a result, dense neighborhoods like Chinatown have all but quashed the transmission of COVID-19 thus far.We have demonstrated the strength of our neighborhoods and a societal commitment to mutual aid.

In the past few weeks, we’ve safely and successfully allowed limited capacity reopening of indoor dining, gyms and fitness centers, movie theaters, and playgrounds. We’re on track for non-essential offices, indoor personal care, and limited in-person public schools in the coming days and weeks. Fingers are crossed.

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