“Trash-canned,” that is. One of the things that community benefit districts do is advocate for the little things that most people take for granted. For example, up until a few days ago there was only one public trash can on Polk Street between Bush and Geary.

One trash can for three city blocks is simply not enough.

Or at least we didn’t think so.

Therefore we nicely asked San Francisco’s Department of Public Works (DPW) for more trash cans. We might have gone just a tiny-bit overboard, but we even made a convenient little map showing where the existing trash cans were, and where we thought the new ones should go. We thought we would live large, so we asked for ten new trash cans, and that is exactly what we got.

Woot! And a special thanks to District Three Supervisor Aaron Peskin, his office staff, and Director Mohammed Nuru of San Francisco Public Works.

As of this last weekend, Lower Polk is one of the few parts of San Francisco with three trash cans on every corner. We went from having only seven trash cans up to having SEVENTEEN trash cans! We are probably much more excited about this than we need to be, but the truth is that having more cans will mean less rubbish on the street. It will also mean that pedestrians (like you and me) will be able to put trash where it belongs much more easily.

These new cans will be in our good hands, since we have our own team that works to remove graffiti and to clean up sidewalk rubbish. In fact, if you see any rubbish on the sidewalk, or if you see any graffiti on these new trash cans (or the old ones for that matter), please contact us here. We will dispatch a team to clean things up ASAP.

A key job here at the Lower Polk Community Benefit District is to help keep Lower Polk a beautiful place to live. Many of us not only work here, but we live here too. And with more public trash cans, that key job just got a tiny bit easier.