We are honored and humbled to have won the prestigious 2018 NEN Award for Best Community Benefit District!

Here is more information about NEN:

In 2007, an alliance of residents, neighborhood and merchant associations, nonprofits and faithbased organizations, foundations and academic institutions was created around a simple mission, empowering the neighborhoods of San Francisco with the capacity to steward themselves to a resilient condition.  The alliance assumed the name “Neighborhood Empowerment Network” (NEN), and over these past years it has leveraged the immense resources and expertise within its ranks to create a ground breaking suite of tools resources and methodologies to advance resilience at the community level with a bottom up grassroots approach.

We encourage you to learn more about NEN at this site: http://empowersf.org/ – and to learn more about the awards at this site: http://empowersf.org/nenawards/. Please also join us if you can on January 26, 2018 at City Hall. Tickets are free and you may RSVP here.