Outreach Initiatives

The Lower Polk Community Benefit District allocates 57% of its budget for cleaning, safety and maintenance in the district.


The Cleaning, Maintenance and Safety Program supplements services already provided by the Department of Public Works and other relevant City agencies. The comprehensive program works to ensure owner, merchant, resident, and visitor safety while providing for the maximum possible cleanliness of sidewalks, curbs, fixtures, landscaping, and buildings throughout the LPCBD boundaries. The Cleaning, Maintenance, and Safety program strives for a safe, clean, and litter-free area that is absent of graffiti or other signs of decay. Our goal is for property owners, merchants and residents alike to maintain a sense of pride in the Lower Polk Street area. Cleanliness is crucial to the establishment and growth of an aesthetically pleasing, safe, and vibrant community.

Service Outline

The LPCBD’s Cleaning, Maintenance, and Safety program includes regular sidewalk sweeping, alley cleaning, refuse removal, regularly scheduled steam cleanings, pressure washing, graffiti removal, tree pruning and watering, tree well weeding with crushed granite replenishment, and a variety of safety efforts.

The program works with residents, merchants, and youths on a variety of safety programs and strategies. We collaborate with the San Francisco Police Department and work with the community and service providers on safety programs. Our street Ambassadors also work as community ambassadors and provide assistance to visitors and assist in crime prevention, way-finding, tracking and cleaning graffiti, and assisting the homeless with social services outreach and information.

CBD Services

Cleaning, Maintenance

Corridor Safety

Boundaries (see our map as well)

The district is approximately 22 whole or partial blocks, the boundaries of the LPCBD are (click here to see a map of the LPCBD):

In addition to the above boundary description, the District boundaries also include Assessor’s Parcel No. 0716 -002, with the following boundaries:

For requests, the fastest way to contact us is to dial 311 or use the free 311 app that is located here: https://sf311.org/. We are now directly connected to the City 311 system and will get your service call immediately.